Access Control: Keeping The Bad Out

When it comes to keeping your business and the people who work over there safe, access control becomes very important. A door access control system allows entry to the people who are supposed to be in the area. Different industries use different types of access control in their business.

Given the many attacks that have been seen around the country over the last few years, of shootings in schools for terrorist attacks, businesses and companies are looking for ways to add this important form of protection for buildings and their facilities.

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Schools can take advantage of the access control system to prevent harm from coming to the many students who attended. It provides students, teachers, and parents with a sense of security. Many schools use this system only allows students and staff access to buildings and offices.

The healthcare industry has been able to utilize similar systems. In an effort to protect patients and staff, more and more hospitals are using this system to set up where visitors can enter.

Such systems increase safety by only allowing qualified individuals to enter the pharmacy, records storage, laboratories, and offices. Badges and swipe cards are the foundations of this system, but it also includes closed-circuit television and recording systems DVR/NVR.