How to Fix Slow WiFi With Wi-Fi Extender

For the two decades internet has become almost as important as food, water, and shelter. Poor loading times and lost connections can test your self control while browsing the internet. Today, in this post we will discuss some important steps to get rid of this issue. Things like placement, proper settings, and reducing the interference within the router and the netgear wifi extender will help you in fixing the connection issues of your Wi-Fi extender.

  1. If you use Mywifiext, then there are many networks will be available on its screen with different SSID. If you don’t know your SSID, then check out at the back of its hardware. You can easily locate it from there and connect your extender to that SSID.
  2. The signal of your wireless router depends on the location of it where you have placed inside the office or home. It is best to keep the router in open, in order to get the proper signal strength. If you have placed it in a blocked area, then the signal strength will get affected.
  3. Do not place your router and extender on an electronic device because the electromagnetic fields and the heat created by the electronic device might affect the signal strength and can even damage the router.
  4. You can not complete www mywifiext net setup accurately, if the strength of the signal is poor. So it is advisable to place the modem and the extender 1 feet away from other wireless devices otherwise the EM interference will affect the signal strength.
  5. Restart your computer or laptop, sometimes restarting the device will fix all the the speed issues.
  6. If you are downloading the files using mywifiext net login, then close the programs like UTorrent, LimeWire and check it again.
  7. If you are running the network devices for a long time, then it is recommended to reset the router, this can also improve the speed of your signals.

If you are still facing any issue, then take the help of our experts. You can call us at our toll free number.