How To Identify That Your Tree Has Become A Danger

Many people do not realize that, like all living things, trees need to be treated and tend to grow well; poorly maintained trees can endanger life and property. It is important to always check your tree for structural damage and keep good nutrition.

If the tree is damaged you may have to hire a professional tree removal service from But how can you identify if your tree is damaged? Following signs may indicate that your tree is a hazard:

tree removal service

Leaning against a tree –

While some of the trees cannot grow straight and still very safe, others may pose a risk. To ensure that you do not lean on the tree is dangerous, check the soil around the base of the stem regularly for any new cracks or exposed roots; these are signs that the tree is not stable.

Deadwood –

Dead branches located in the crowns of trees such as missiles; they will eventually collapse. Check your trees regularly for any inherent weak or dead branches and they promptly removed.

Cracks –

Cracks in the tree trunk or branches are dangerous because they show structural weaknesses in the tree anatomy. Before sealing the gaps, seek professional advice on a sturdy tree for a few cracks can be repaired.

Canker –

A canker is often caused by a fungus that grows between the bark and the wood, cutting off the supply of nutrients to the area; this gives the affected area a sunken appearance.