Significance Of Releasing Funeral White Doves At Funeral In UK

Releasing doves’ funerals as part of a celebration of life service or a loved one not only pays poignant tribute to those who have died, but it can also prove to be emotionally uplift and inspiration for the mourners attending a funeral.

Dove Funeral Specialist Provider Service Release

In UK service providers will customize the package for dove release to your exact liking and will then deal with the funeral director to arrange a presentation. To know more you can search for services like Piper Funerals & Dove Releases in Coventry, Birmingham, Solihull.

The actual release of pigeons usually occurs at the end of the funeral ceremony, civil ceremony or memorial service. A poem or piece of prose can be read or a favorite piece of music played to accompany the release. Alternatively, you can opt for the pigeons will be released in the silence.

Pigeons are released from the basket decorated with your preferred style and presentation is done by experienced handlers dove that would appropriately dressed for the occasion. On a practical note, one should keep in mind that pigeons cemetery can only be released outside and in full daylight. This provides enough time for them to return home before dark, usually at least two hours before sunset.

It’s symbolic meaning and significance

Dove is a universal symbol of peace, hope, and freedom and, in this context, the release of dove’s funeral symbolizes the release of the spirit finally departed peacefully. The actual number of pigeons are released also offers significant and symbolic nuances of meaning and representation.