CCTV Cameras: Increasing Your Security Options

Closed-circuit television cameras, also known as CCTV cameras, significantly increase your ability to watch and maintain the office or home area safe. Cameras for video surveillance offer several options, such as the date and time stamps, as well as DVR applications.

You can set the camera to record only during certain times of day, and then watch them at a later time and more convenient. Virtual guards to watch the property and business applications. Virtual guards provide supervision after hours or in the unsecured area.

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A CCTV camera can help any business and works to thwart criminal activity. The perpetrator was caught on tape, to help you narrow the field of suspects if something happens. The digital feed allows you to remotely view your business from home or while traveling.

By using a computer or mobile phone with Internet access, you can view the recording and real-time feeds. You can also choose to have them sent to your email on a scheduled basis.

If your office is away from the work area, you can use your camera system to watch your employees on the job. You can also monitor the crate, dropbox, or a safe activity. Temperature and lighting control can also be integrated into your surveillance system. Only those with access codes can change these settings in your system.