How to Create a Natural Looking Stone Wall with Joint and Stencil?

Supply List:

1. Raised Plaster Stencils are now available on the internet. If you cannot find just the right stencil stone design, you can create yours.

2. A bucket of joint compound depending on how large the intended wall is.

3. A small bucket for mixing.

4. Wide masking tape.

5. 3″ Wide plastic scraper. If you are looking for more information about ‘decoration wall stones’ (which is also known as ‘dekoration vägg stenar’ in the Swedish language) then you can browse various online sources.

6. Darkly colored craft or paint to the walls in natural colors such as brown, rust, and beige for pre-color compounds together. The colors you choose will be the “base” color of your stone, with a wonderful variation throughout each stone.

7. Clear, polyurethane sealer.

To make your stencil, first, decide your stone pattern. Practice with a pencil and paper until you have the right design. By creating the various sizes of stones with different patterns or a simple copy of the pattern from the garden book or a magazine. Make a square or rectangular design because it will be the easiest to repeat over the wall.

Stencils can be made of any shape like large, flat and fairly thick. Durable plastic sheets work the best because they will hold up to repeated use and can later be used with concrete over the existing patio to create a new milestone or thick plastic surface.

Although the openings to stone, you can cut with a sharp craft knife, a stencil burner (available at your local craft store) glides through the plastic with ease, make cutting an easy task.