Get Prepared Before Driving The Pacific Coast Highway To Big Sur

Big Sur is a marvelous spectacle on the coast of California that can be seen from the Pacific Coast Highway. Often times when people think of Big Sur they simply imagine giant mountains meeting the ocean, which is a correct vision, but there is more to Big Sur than most people realize. Big Sur is actually a giant forest area that has many hiking trails within it. In addition to all of the hiking trails available at Big Sur there are also campgrounds and hotels you can stay at overnight. Many people who do the Pacific Coast Highway Drive don’t realize that all of these options are available near Big Sur.

One thing’s for sure, if you do the Pacific Coast Highway road trip to Big Sur, you’re going to want to make sure you have a plan in place before you just hop in your car and go. The biggest reasons you should have a plan is because you will not have cell phone reception along the Pacific Coast Highway once you get near Big Sur. Additionally there aren’t any gas stations that are really close to this area along the Pacific Coast Highway either. Make sure you top off your gas tank before you drive down the PCH highway 1. If you catch yourself in a pinch, you might find yourself paying almost double the normal price for gasoline if you have to top off near Big Sur.